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Fixed Windows

About Fixed Windows

The Casement windows open inwards or outwards with help of a sash that is fixed on outer frame. Casement windows give you a wide opening which is up to 90%. The casement windows introduced by Nature Windows bear classic designs which never go old-dated. They are an epitome of breakthrough illustration – suitable for all kinds of buildings; from archaic to ultramodern. Nature Windows offers a wide range of designs depending upon the size, wind load, insulation and design requirement.

uPVC Casement Windows offers several advantages like being maintenance free, easy to install, economical, good looking, available in various designs and finishes, fire resistant, weather resistant, offers excellent water tightness and noise-proof.

  •  Offer a wide open view
  •  Quite difficult to break into, offering higher safely
  •  Highly energy efficient
  •  Available in various designs and colors

Solex (FX) Colours

Anthractie Gray


Gray Aluminium

Golden Oak

ASH Black

Black Cherry

Nut Free

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