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Bifold Doors

About Bifold Doors

Nature windows presents a whole range of exquisite slide and fold windows and doors for a wide range of applications. This unique system of slide and fold windows delivers tremendous flexibility for large scale opening. Each door can be specified to Slide and fold. A single door on one end of the group can be used as a standard hinged door.

Whether you need to replace your old and monotonous looking door to a fresh and large bi-fold door; a slide and fold can add a lot of flexibility and make your entrance grand and welcoming. With more flexibility and comfort, the usability of slide and fold doors and windows can definitely add a new dimension to your homes and offices.

This unique door gives not only a dramatic effect, but makes your surroundings appear spacious and large.

  •  Best choice for structures having excellent surrounding
  •  Available in countless contemporary designs
  •  Add elegance and beauty
  •  Offer safety with multiple lock systems
  •  Large opening

Solex (FX) Colours

Anthractie Gray


Gray Aluminium

Golden Oak

ASH Black

Black Cherry

Nut Free

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